If you need your production line to be more efficient and reliable we have the experience plus the know-how for this:

  • Problem analysis and diagnosis
  • Identification of major productivity lose factors
  • Creation of a productivity improve schedule and MTBF/MTTR targets
  • Implementation and lid of action plans that can include:
    • Automatic or manual data capture of failures and line stops
    • Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA)
    • Focus groups
    • Major machine intervention plans
    • Preventive maintenance plans
    • Internal and external resources optimization and training
    • Logistics and material flow
    • Inline and offline quality tests
    • Rapid Changeover procedures and new technologies

Areas of Expertise :

Consulting and Project Engineering Services:

We are specialists in high throughput / technology consumer products manufacture lines.

Productivity iMprovement:

Eliconsa: Consulting Services For The Packaging industry

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No matter if you will procure your lines from a single vendor or integrate the lines with machines and systems from multiple vendors. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Project options and cost estimates
  • Line and machine specifications
  • Utilities requirements and specifications
  • Vendor location and selection
  • Full or partial machine or redesign for new product or product change
  • New machine design and fabrication for especial requirements
  • Vendor acceptance tests
  • Project layout analysis
  • Project execution Plan
  • Material flow and logistics analysis
  • Project schedule and tracking
  • Project BOM sourcing and delivery tracking
  • Vendor-Customer single point of contact
  • Project execution management
  • Startup support

Paper converting:

  • Baby and adult diaper production lines
  • Feminine protection pads
  • Paper product manufacturing

Food Industry:

  • Coffee packing
  • Sugar mils
  • Snack packing
  • Soft drink and water packing

Laundry and Beauty products

  • Liquid detergent and bleach 
  • Powder detergent 
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Solid and liquid unit-dosing
  • Shampoo and others

Plant automation:

  • Conversion of manual to automatic process
  • Process and/or machine redesign
  • Systems integration